The muse and other confusing thoughts.

I am a writer of romance. I believe in happily ever after because there is already too much hate and unhappiness in the world, who wants to read it in a book? I love to write about strong men and the ladies they give their hearts to who are as strong as they are. I love writing historicals, fantasies, paranormals and murder mysteries.

My Hunters are a peticular favorite. I still am half in love with Hunt, my first Hunter in Captive Angel. Who wouldn't like to find a gorgeous naked man in their bed? I hope to be able to continue on with them after I finish Alpha Bravo. I just signed the contract for Unusual Circumstances to be published and I am psyched.

I love writing about the "Were" Worlds and am trying something new in a new novel I've titled "His".

I plan to use this blog to let my readers know when I will have new books out and to give excerpts to my books both new and old. So sign up to follow along and I hope to keep you entertained. Lots of love all!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Chapter Seven of His

has been submitted to both and  It should be up at SOL to read soon.  I hope you enjoy this chapter, it's almost twice as long. 

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